Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This on my credit / Why is this on my credit / Can you take this off my credit?
Olson Shaner does not report accounts to any of the credit bureaus. You may wish to contact the credit bureaus or Plaintiff in your lawsuit to discuss this issue.
Do I have to go to court?
Olson Shaner cannot give you legal advice regarding your account.
Is there a warrant out for my arrest and am I going to jail?
No and no.
What is my balance and how long to I have to pay?
These are questions that can only be answered individually. Please call and speak to one of our paralegals.
Why did my balance change over time?
Sometimes balances may be increased by interest or additional fees. Also, balances may be reduced by reports of payments you or others may have made. Please call and speak to one of our paralegals to get specific information.
How do I get copies of pleadings?
Pleadings are available as public record at the court where your case was filed.
I paid my hospital bill so why was I sent to collections?
Many hospital visits include separate billing for emergency room doctors, radiologists, etc. It may be that your bill is for one if these doctors, and not the hospital.
Who can communicate with you about my debt?
As a general rule we can communicate with you, your spouse, your attorney, or anyone else that you give us permission to speak to. If you would like to give us permission to speak to a specific individual please call.
Who is the creditor or collection agency that hired you?
The creditor or collection agency will be listed as the Plaintiff on the court documents.
Where can I find my reference number?
Your reference number is located by the attorneys' information on the first page of your court pleading.
Do you communicate via email?
We accept incoming emails but will respond by telephone.
I have a debt that I want collected. Can you help me?
Olson Shaner is not currently accepting new clients.

Making Payments

How can I make a payment?
Payments may be mailed to PO BOX 3898 Salt Lake City, UT 84110
If the creditor in your case is NAR Inc. you may also make a payment online at
How do I get a receipt for my payment/PIF?
If you ask for a receipt with your payment we will mail one to you. If you pay a bill owed to NAR Inc. on its website you can print a receipt at the time you are making the payment.
How can I tell the amount that I owe?
The best way is to call in and speak to one of our paralegals. Due to possible ongoing charges your account balance may have changed since the last time that you were given a balance.
If I make a payment will that pause or delay the collection of my account?
No, unless you have entered into a payment plan with our office.
How do I enter into a payment plan to pay my debt?
Not all accounts qualify for a payment plan. Most payment plans require a signed stipulation. Please call our office to discuss your specific situation.
How do I return a stipulation for payments (payment plan)?
Once they have been signed, stipulations may be mailed, faxed or emailed to our office.

Writ of Garnishment

What is a Writ of Garnishment?
When a party has a judgment against another party he may apply to the court for a Writ of Garnishment. A Writ of Garnishment directs a third party, often an employer or bank, to withhold a portion of the Defendant's money and deliver it to the party who served the Writ of Garnishment.
How much can a Writ of Garnishment take?
Depending on the type of Writ of Garnishment, it may attach all of the available funds or only a portion. Wage garnishments can attach up to 25% of a Defendant's disposable earnings, but the exact amount is determined by a worksheet filled out by the employer.
Can you change the amount the Writ of Garnishment takes?
The formula for the amount attached by the Writ of Garnishment is set by rule or statute and cannot be modified by our office.

Important Information

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Unless we have a signed representation agreement with you, we are not your attorneys. Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice. If you have questions about your rights you should seek your own counsel. Continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of these terms.